agnpy docs

agnpy focuses on the numerical computation of the photon spectra produced by leptonic radiative processes in jetted Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN).



Notation and basic formulas are borrowed from [DermerMenon2009] which constitutes the fundamental reference for this code. The implementation of synchrotron and synchrotron self-Compton radiative processes relies on [DermerMenon2009] and [Finke2008]; [Dermer2009] and [Finke2016] are instead the main references for the external Compton radiative processes.


The numerical operations are delegated to numpy arrays, all the physical quantities computed are casted as astropy Quantities.


The code is licensed under BSD-3-Clause License (see LICENSE.md in the main directory).


The code is available in the python package index and can be installed via pip

pip install agnpy

The code can also be installed with conda

conda install -c conda-forge agnpy


The only dependencies are:

  • numpy managing the numerical computation;

  • astropy managing physical units and astronomical distances.

  • matplotlib for visualisation and reproduction of the tutorials.


The documentation includes several tutorial jupyter notebooks providing examples of applications of the code functionalities.